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Fold Down Bench with Slots for Boat Teak Wall Mount , Shower Room, Steam, Sauna Room (18" × 13")


To Steam, Sauna and Shower in Style - Experience the Luxury of a Wall Mounted Teak Bench! 
This Fold Down Bench with Slots for Boat Teak Wall Mount is the perfect addition to any shower room, steam or sauna room. Its 18" x 13" size allows it to easily be mounted on any wall and its teak wood construction ensures you will have a stylish and durable bench that will last for years. The slotted design of this bench also makes it ideal for boat owners who are looking to add extra seating in tight areas. With its sleek looks, robust construction and versatile design, this fold down teak bench is sure to make your shower, steam or sauna space look more luxurious than ever before! 

  • Solid Teak Wood Construction for Added Durability
  • Fold Down Design with Slots for Mounting on Wall
  • Resistant to Moisture and Fungus
  • Elegant, Contemporary Look Adds Style to any Space
  • Perfect Size for Shower Room, Steam Room or Sauna Room (18" x 13")


• Folding brackets are made of 304 Stainless Steel, the bench is made of solid teak board slat.
• Ideal for Boat, Shower Room, Steam, Sauna Room, and a wide variety of places.
• The open-spaced top allows water to drain through.
• The bench locks at a 90-degree position. To fold it up, simply lift the bench up and it locks firmly in place. To fold it down, push releases the locks under the bench.
• Bench length: 18”, Bench Width: 13”, Brackets mount at 16" on center.

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