Flush Hatch Lifting Ring/Deck Hatch Pull Handle Round Stainless (1pcs) – Marine City Hardware

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Flush Hatch Lifting Ring/Deck Hatch Pull Handle Round Stainless (1pcs)

Open the hatch and let in the possibilities!
When you're out on the open seas, it's important to be prepared for anything. With a flush hatch lifting ring/deck hatch pull handle round stainless, you can rest assured that your vessel is secured and ready for adventure! This rust-resistant stainless steel handle offers superior strength and durability so that even in the roughest of waters, your craft will remain safe from water damage or theft. Plus, its sleek design adds an extra touch of style to any boat deck – making this a must-have item for all serious sailors!
  • Easy, ergonomically designed deck lift handle for superior grip and comfortable handling
  • Stur dy construction made from stainless steel with no rusting or corrosion worry
  • Installation fast and simple
  • Supplied with predrilled countersink holes in the base plate to enable secure attachment


  • It is made of 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Great for cabin hatches, boat cabin doors, bait tank opening, floorboard access, ice-box lids, etc.
  • Diameter: 52 mm / 2 inch, Screw holes diameter:5 mm/ 0.2 inch.