Carabiners/Clip Snap Hook 2” with Ring for Climbing, Fishing, Hiking – Marine City Hardware

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Carabiners/Clip Snap Hook 2” with Ring for Climbing, Fishing, Hiking

Secure your journey, clip on with confidence!
As a climber, one of the most important items in my bag is my trusty carabiner and clip snap hook. Recently I upgraded to the 2’’ with Ring for Climbing, Fishing, Hiking. It's made from durable stainless steel that can handle heavy l, sos so I know it won't let me down when I'm on an adventure! The ring has been especially useful for fishing as it easily clips onto any tackle and keeps everything secure while still allowing access to all my gear without having to worry about anything slipping away!
  • Made from strong and durable diecast zinc alloy with a corrosion resistant finish
  • Rated for up to 445 lbs of working load
  • Includes an extra high weight bearing DRing ideal for rigging and other applications that require a higher degree of safety
  • Perfect one service solution for many recreational activities like climbing, fishing, sailing or caving
  • It is made of 316-grade stainless steel. Length: 50.2 mm/ 2 inch, Width: 25.18 mm/ 1 inch.
  • Perfect for sailing, boating, many other marines and rough weather applications.
  • Great for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Travel, Sports, Activities, Backpack, Key Ring, Keychain, Split Rings, Belt Loops, Pants Loop, Purse Straps, Briefcase, Straps, almost anything.
  • We also sell the other 5 different sizes.