Marine City Boat Motor Flusher Engine Ear Muffs Universal Round Cup – Marine City Hardware

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Marine City Boat Motor Flusher Engine Ear Muffs Universal Round Cup


Get your engine running smoothly with Marine Citys round cup of universal earmuff flusher! 
Bob was a professional fisherman, and he needed some new gear for his boat. He searched around until he found the perfect fit - Marine City Boat Motor Flusher Engine Earmuffs Universal Round Cup! It had everything Bob needed to fly through the water with confidence and comfort, so he bought it right away. Now, Bob has all the tools necessary to make sure his trips are as successful as possible, thanks to this amazing product from Marine City! 

  • Specifically designed to flush out marine based boat motors.
  • Ear Muffs Universal Round Cup provides comfortable noise protection for the user whilst operating or maintaining the engine
  • Easytoinstall and lightweight design makes it suitable for most engines of any size
  • Antirust material on flusher cup ensures heavy-duty effectiveness throughout its use

• High elastic quality bracket, not easy to deform.
• Quick installation and use of garden hoses, idle-speed adjustment of starting motors, convenient for cleaning pollutants in the motor system, Keep your motor clean.
• Crew Type Stainless Steel Drain Plug for Boats - Fits 5/8 Inch Hose.

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