Mug Holder Black Close-able Drain Plastic 30 oz. – Marine City Hardware

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Mug Holder Black Close-able Drain Plastic 30 oz.

Mug Holder Black: The Perfect Partner for Your 30oz Journey!
This mug holder is a must-have for any coffee lover! Made from durable black plastic, it will keep your favorite 30oz mugs safe and secure. Its close-able drain feature makes cleaning up spills quick and easy - no more messes on the countertop! Plus, its sleek design looks great next to any coffee maker or espresso machine. Get one today for the perfect addition to your morning routine
  • Durable plastic: The mug holder is made from sturdy plastic, so it will not crack or chip with everyday use
  • Designates space for 30 oz
  • All in Eco friendly black
  • Easy cleaning & storage: It's
  • Made of durable polypropylene plastic and designed for flush mounting.
  • Height: 3-1/2", Flange: 4-1/4", Barb: 3/8". Perfect for ROCKY MOUNTAIN 30 oz. Insulated Tumble.
  • The drain comes with a nut and bolt that can close and seal the drain.
  • The cup holder has a stepped design that makes the cup holder great at holding standard size containers as well as larger cups or cans with cozies.
  • The newest version of the unique design. Ideal for boat, yacht, truck, car, RV, game table, sofa, apartment, caravan, dashboard, seat back, and any more.