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Safety Coupler Locking Pin 5/16" for Boat Yacht


Secure your boat with a 5/16 Safety Coupler Locking Pin- for a safer sail! 
This Safety Coupler Locking Pin 5/16" for Boat Yacht is an essential accessory to keep your boat or yacht secure. This high quality pin ensures a safe and tight connection between your vessel’s couplers, preventing accidental disconnection while out on the water. It's made of durable stainless steel with rust-resistant coating and features an easy finger grip handle that makes it simple to install or remove as needed. Keep yourself and your passengers safe with this reliable locking pin! 

  • Eliminates trailer misalignments.
  • Provides secure coupling without backing up.
  • Avoids accidental involvement of other vehicles.
  • Prevents unintended movement while towing trailer.
  • Makes parking boat easier and safer.

Made of stainless steel to be rust resistant, strong endurance, durable in all conditions, even salt water.

5/16 Inch Heavy Duty Safety Coupler Pin Shaft Locking PTO Hitch Pin with Round Arch Wire Retainer

Dimension: Safety coupler Pin length 3" (77.80 mm); Diameter:5/16"(8.0 mm)


The 5/16-inch Heavy Duty coupler pin is made out of solid steel for reliable strength, safety and confidence with every mile of your adventure.


Protected by a durable zinc-plated finish, this coupler safety pin maintains excellent resistance to rust and corrosion for longevity and hassle-free use every time.

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