90" Door Stopper & Catch Set L: 3”, Base: 2” – Marine City Hardware

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90" Door Stopper & Catch Set L: 3”, Base: 2”

A door stop 90 degrees sure - with the L: 3”, Base 2” Catch Set!
This 90" Door Stopper & Catch Set is the perfect accessory for any door in your home. The high-quality set features a 3” long stopper and 2” base that are easy to install and use. With its durable construction, it will help keep your doors from slamming shut while also preventing them from opening too far. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets alike, this door stopper & catch set provides peace of mind knowing that you can securely close off rooms with ease!
  • Smooth operation with exceptional performance
  • Antirust and corrosion resistant materials for extended durability
  • Seamless installation onto wall and door frame surfaces with screw holes provided by product design
  • Easytofollow instructions included in each package
  • Versatile 3" size allows hook to easily attach stopper head onto the door despite different space requirements
  • Robust stainless steel base plate to firmly secure hook set into place over time
  • Made of 316 grade Stainless Steel, it's very good corrosion resistance. Great for house at beach, boat, etc..
  • Holds door securely against rubber stop, reducing rattles.
  • Self-latching door catch to hold door in open position.
  • Rubber bumper helps minimize slam and vibration noise.