Quick Release Pin with Drop Cam & Spring (1/4" x 1") – Marine City Hardware

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Quick Release Pin with Drop Cam & Spring (1/4" x 1")


Securely fastened with a snap: Quick Release Pin with Drop Cam & Spring (1/4 x 1)!
This Quick Release Pin with Drop Cam & Spring (1/4" x 1") is the perfect solution for securely latching and unlatching components in machinery, tools or other applications. The quick release pin features a drop cam that locks into place when engaged, making it easy to hold pieces together until ready to be disengaged. This pin also includes a spring-loaded latch that helps guide the release of the pin. Durable construction ensures long lasting use, while its small size makes it ideal for installation in tight spaces
  • Easy attachment and removal for quick access
  • Highstrength construction for reliable security
  • Drop cams allow extra clearance to fit thicker materials or components
  • Secure spring pivot pin prevents accidental dislodging from wear vibration activities
  • Unobtrusive low profile design allows convenient mounting in tight spaces
  • Quick release pin with ring and string are made of 316-grade stainless steel.
  • Used for Bimini Boat Top, stainless steel removable pin, Clevis Pin Lock. For boat tops and support poles & boat top Bimini support.
  • Durable and Long Lasting Used with Bimini Boat Top.
  • Slid able springs for easy changing of different size Bimini.
  • Grip:1”, Diameter Hole 1/4”, Diameter: 1/4”.