Marine City 4 Pcs Light Duty Stainless-Steel Utility Hooks for Boat – Marine City Hardware

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Marine City 4 Pcs Light Duty Stainless-Steel Utility Hooks for Boat


Hook em up and sail away - Marine City Utility Hooks! 
The sun was glistening off the top of the waves as Bob and his family prepared to take their boat out for a day on the water. He quickly remembered that he had forgotten to grab some utility hooks, so he jumped ashore in search of them. As luck would have it, he came across our Marine City 4 Pcs Light Duty Stainless-Steel Utility Hooks for Boat and knew they were perfect. With these ultra durable hooks, Bob could now be sure that all his supplies stayed secure while they sailed away into the sunset! 

  • Made of durable stainless steel: ensuring heavy-duty functionality and lasting quality.
  • Includes 4 pieces, so they can be used both individually and to create seamless storage solutions on the boat.
  • Easy installation onto any surface such as wood, sheet metal, plastic etc. via screws (not included).

• The hooks are Made of Stamped 304 -grade stainless steel. Corrosion resistant, perfect for sailing, boating, and many other marines and rough weather applications.
• Length: 1-1/8 inch/ 29 mm, Width: 11/16 inch /18 mm, Thickness: 1/16 inch/ 1 mm.
• Ideal for hammocks and a wide variety of uses.
• This item includes 4 hooks; we don't supply with screws.

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