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Marine City a Pair of Black Powder Coated Aluminum Outrigger Rod Holder (2 Pcs)


Marine City: Outrigging your Adventure! 
These Marine City black powder coated aluminum outrigger rod holders are a must-have for any serious angler. With two pieces included in the package, they feature strong and durable construction to provide long lasting use. The sleek design allows them to fit almost any boat while the corrosion resistant coating helps protect against saltwater damage. They also boast adjustable angles, so you can dial in the perfect position for your fishing rods every time! 

  • High corrosion resistance, so product will outlast typical metals in salty marine environments.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Designed for fast and secure mounting on boat gunwales or surfaces.
  • Telescoping arms allow adjustable length for different size rods.
  • Nonmarking to protect boat from scratches and scrapes.
  • Double securing clips that hold both ends of the rod securely in place without damaging them.

• MARINE CITY Aluminum Outrigger Rod Holders, Black Powder coated aluminum finish designed.
• The set comes complete with slotted notches in the base to lock into the rod holder, the movable plastic clip can secure the rod, I-Beam pins in the base ensure rods drop in and lock in place.
• Rod holder I.D:1-7/8”(47.6mm);Rod holder Length Length:10”(255.0mm);Total Length: 19-3/16”(487.5mm)
• Package Contents: A Pair of MARINE CITY Black Powder-coated Aluminum Outrigger Rod Holders (2 pcs).
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