Radar Reflector Octahedral Type - 16" Aluminium Boat (M) – Marine City Hardware

Radar Reflector Octahedral Type - 16" Aluminium Boat (M)

  • MARINE CITY Radar Reflector Made of Stamped Aluminum, Octahedral Type16 inches (Medium).
  • Small boats use radar reflectors to signal their presence to other vessels in the area, It is particularly useful, especially in bad weather mist or at night when visibility in rainy weather is reduced.
  • A radar reflector is a rather cheap device to have and one that is easy to rig up. It can enhance your safety on the water.
  • Practical Reflectors should be placed higher than all superstructures and at least 4 m above the waterline to ensure that you’ll be seen on the radar screen of large ships and fishing boats.
  • Package Contents: 1 pcs Aluminium Boat Radar Reflector Octahedral Type - 16" (M)

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