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carbon fiber Cupholder with Center hole Black stainless steel


The perfect combination of style and strength - the Carbon Fiber Cupholder with Center Hole Black Stainless Steel! 
This sleek and modern carbon fiber Cupholder with Center hole Black stainless steel is the perfect addition to any car or boat. Its high-quality, lightweight construction ensures long lasting durability while also providing a stylish aesthetic that will match with any interior style. The center hole allows for easy access to drinks, phones, keys and other small items while you are on the go. This cupholder will make your driving experience more enjoyable and convenient no matter where you’re going! 

  • Top-notch quality materials (carbon fiber, stainless steel) for superior durability and protection.
  • Sleek design to blend with modern car interiors.
  • Built in cup hole to conveniently hold drinks.
  • Easy installation and firm attachment.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight construction.

• Dimension: 3-1/2” Height, Steel Material
• This New Release Jumbo Cup self-draining Recessed Carbon Fiber Print Drink Holder perfect drop into with ease to existing Cup hole.
• Newly Design with Carbon Fiber Print, added modern sense to your application. Ideal for Sports Speed boat, Entertainment Game Table
• Ideal for Boat and RV, Install almost anywhere; table, counter top, dashboard, seat back, etc.
• With drain holes in the bottom to keep moisture away.

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