Boat Anchor Dock Line Stainless-Steel Mooring Spring 14-3/4" – Marine City Hardware

Boat Anchor Dock Line Stainless-Steel Mooring Spring 14-3/4"

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Marine City Boat Anchor Dock Line Stainless-Steel Mooring Spring 14-3/4 Inches


6.0 (1/4”) Diameter

370 (14-9/16”) Length

Super Sturdy

Stainless Steel Mooring Springs Our mooring springs are designed to last and look great with a quality stainless steel finish.

These shock absorbing mooring springs act as powerful shock absorbers on mooring warps, reduce shock loads on both your boat and pontoon.

Sometimes called mooring snubbers these springs help to reduce stress cracking around cleats and can also be used when anchoring.


The extra spring provides protection for deck fittings from the effects of violent snatching.

Mooring Springs can be used with rope or chain.

while incredibly strong it is recommended to put these spring in-line as opposed to actually cutting the rope, or install a safety chain as per the drawing above
  • 6.0 (1/4”) Diameter
  • 370 (14-9/16”) Length