MARINE CITY Boat Blue LED Underwater Light Fits Standard 1-1/2"(38mm) – Marine City Hardware

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MARINE CITY Boat Blue LED Underwater Light Fits Standard 1-1/2"(38mm) Step for Marine Ladder (2 per Pack)

$20.15 $24.99
About Us Here at Marine City Hardware, we specialize in marine hardware products. We are all family and are all working together to bring our customers exactly what they need. Our motto is high quality, low prices, fast shipping, and taking care of our customers. Everything is double-checked and electronically tested before being sent out to ensure the highest quality. Our company provides retail and wholesale services so you may also contact us if you want to order our products in bulk as well. Our exceptional prices and superior manufacturing company make us the best around for any marine products. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal so we encourage you to message us because we will work for you. Features • LED Underwater Light for Marine Step Ladder— made of PC & ABS plastics that are durable and waterproof • The enclosure is installed on the steps, and the LED underwater light is integrated within the fitted enclosure and does not take up space. • At night, when the ladder is put into the water, the ladder will light up, which not only creates a beautiful underwater atmosphere, but also illuminates the person who enters the water from the ladder or climbs up the ladder from the water to safely board the boat. • Color: Blue; Bulb: 3V; IP Rating: IP68; 100-h life sealed battery. Fits Standard 1-1/2" (38mm) Step for Marine Ladder • How to make the battery start: There is a screwdriver slot on the back of the LED, insert the screwdriver into the slot and turn it clockwise 30 degrees to 45 degrees, the light will light up. please do not turn ignition switch more than 45 degrees in order to prevent it from breaking and leaving the light unable to turn off until the battery is depleted.