Marine City 316 Stainless Steel Carabiner Spring Snap Hook Boat (A: 4 – Marine City Hardware

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Marine City 316 Stainless Steel Carabiner Spring Snap Hook Boat (A: 4 inches)


About Us Here at Marine City Hardware, we specialize in marine hardware products. We are all family and are all working together to bring our customers exactly what they need. Our motto is high quality, low cost and taking care of our customers. Everything is double checked and electronically tested before being sent out to insure the highest quality. Our company provides retail and wholesale services so you may also message us if you want to order our products in bulk as well. Our exceptional cost and superior manufacture company make us the best around for any marine products. 100% fulfill Customer needs is our ultimate goal so we encourage you to message us because we will work for you. Features • Stainless Steel Snap Hooks manufactured in 316 marine grade stainless steel. High polish finish. G • General snap hook with spring for quick release and attachment. M • Marine City snap hooks are designed to cover most of the applications on sailing boats. F • Fast fixed boat snaps work well in a number of applications. DURABLE Made of premium superior durable 316 stainless-steel. Never rust, elegant, heavy duty, quick release, strong and practical spring snap hook keychain. EASY TO USE Quickly and securely attached to a wide range of fixing point. Works smoothly as the spring loaded gate make it easy to attach important items to a backpack, buckle or belt, etc. Can be used as key chain. Without screw, easy locking, keep your things in safety WIDE APPLICATIONS Not for climbing. Great clip for hanging cords, ropes, hoses, keys, water bottles, keyrings, camping gear, hang lanterns, lights, dog leashes, pulley, rings, equipments, rings, hardware, and other tools. Dozens of uses around home, RV, boat, backpack, handbag, etc. Great accessory for daily life, camping, hiking, diving, backpacking, fishing, boating or other outdoor and gym activities. SMALL BUT STRONG This product is a high load bearing, especially with eyelet. Strong, Anti-corrosion and Durable - for a long service life. PERFECT SHAPE DESIGN High strength, lightweight, wear-resistant, very practical and convenient. OUTDOOR SAFETY EQUIPMENT With a spring loaded gate, can attach to a wide range of fixing points quickly and securely.