Stainless-Steel Thick Ring Round Sail Shade Pad Eye Plate Boat Rigging – Marine City Hardware

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Stainless-Steel Thick Ring Round Sail Shade Pad Eye Plate Boat Rigging


Secure your boats rigging with a stainless-steel eye plate - the sturdy, reliable choice! 
This Stainless-Steel Thick Ring Round Sail Shade Pad Eye Plate Boat Rigging is an essential part of any boat rigging, giving strong and secure attachment points for all your ropes. Constructed from highly durable stainless steel, this eye plate will be sure to stand up to any weather condition or sailing environment. Each eye plate has 8 holes for easy installation and the ring diameter measures 3 inches in length, so it can fit a wide range of boats. This premium quality product is perfect for replacing old parts on your boat or adding new ones to increase its performance! 

  • Stainless steel is an ideal material for eye plate boat rigs because of its high corrosionresistant properties and strength
  • To ensure a structural strong connection point during use


  • High Quality: Made of stainless steel, higher hardness, non-deformable, anti-rust, glossy and bright surface, non toxic, environmentally friendly and harmless.
  • Multi-purpose: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for hanging swings, chairs, hammocks, aerial silks, Yoga Swing Suspension, punching bags or any other heavy object from an overhead mount.
  • Perfect for sailing, boating, and many other marine and rough weather applications.
  • Dimensions (Large): 8mm Diameter, 32mm Height

  • Dimensions (Medium): 6mm Diameter, 26mm Height
  • Dimensions (Small): 5mm Diameter, 20mm Height


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