Marine City Newest White Closeable Drain Plastic Holder for Rocky Moun – Marine City Hardware

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Marine City Newest White Closeable Drain Plastic Holder for Rocky Mountain 30 oz. Mug (2pcs)

Rocky Mountain 30 oz. Mugs now have a drain-proof home: Marine Citys New Closeable Drain Plastic Holder!
Imagine a day on the lake, with your trusty Rocky Mountain 30 oz. mug filled to the brim with your favorite drink. But when it comes time for lunch, you don't want to leave behind any spilled liquid that could end up polluting our beautiful oceans and rivers. That's why Marine City has created their newest White Closeable Drain Plastic Holder! This two-piece set is designed specifically to fit snugly around your Rocky Mountain mug, so you can easily transport it without worrying about spilling or leaks - all while protecting marine life from pollution. So grab yours today and enjoy every moment of your next adventure knowing that you're helping protect our planet at the same time!
  • Made of durable white plastic that is easy to clean and closeable
  • Fits 30 oz mugs specifically manufactured for the Rocky Mountain range of cups/mugs specifically
  • Made of durable polypropylene plastic and designed for flush mounting.
  • Height: 3-1/2", Flange: 4-1/4", Barb: 3/8". Perfect for ROCKY MOUNTAIN 30 oz. Insulated Tumble.
  • The drain comes with a nut and bolt that can close and seal the drain.
  • The cup holder has a stepped design that makes the cup holder great at holding standard size containers as well as larger cups or cans with cozies.
  • The newest version of the unique design. Ideal for boat, yacht, truck, car, RV, game table, sofa, apartment, caravan, dashboard, seat back, and any more.