Marine City Polyethylene Black Ball Bungee Cord for 2/3 /4 -Step Teles – Marine City Hardware

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Marine City Polyethylene Black Ball Bungee Cord for 2/3 /4 -Step Telescoping Boat Ladders (for 4 Step Telescoping Boat Ladders)

About Us Here at Marine City Hardware, we specialize in marine hardware products. We are all family and are all working together to bring our customers exactly what they need. Our motto is high quality, low cost, and taking care of our customers. Everything is double-checked and electronically tested before being sent out to ensure the highest quality. Our company provides retail and wholesale services so you may also message us if you want to order our products in bulk as well. Our exceptional cost and superior manufacturing company make us the best around for any marine products. 100% fulfill Customer needs is our ultimate goal so we encourage you to message us because we will work for you. Features • It is made of polyethylene. • It can reusable for tightening the fixed ladder. • High tension securing bungee cord strap Resistant to abrasion, mildew, and UV Sunlight. • Tie extension cords together For setting up small tarps or another ground cover over outdoor plants and trees to prevent freezing. • Tie down a lid on a garbage can or recycling bin. • Secure lids on pet food to keep unwanted animals and pests out. • Attach Christmas lights or other decorations to fences, posts, etc. • Loop one around your phone and attach it to your belt, backpack, etc. when outdoors. • Gather and secure extra-long extension cords, computer cords, media cables, etc. to keep them neat and managed. Easy to Use The ball bungee is very easy to use, the cord can be stretched to 7 Inches. Reusable tools east to fasten or remove from tarp or canopy. Elastic and Durable Rubber The bungee cord surface was finished with UV resistant treatment, which can extend the cord life in the sunshine for a long time. Sturdy Assemble We use durable material to fix the end part, make sure the connection is strong and durable Same time, the end nylon material was cut in neat, have a good look. Bungee Stretch Cord with ball Versatile You can use these ball stretch cords to tie down tarps, boat covers, canopies, trunks, fishing poles, and more. Quality Rubber Material They are strong and flexible and can be used in a wide variety of situations. Available in 3 Different sizes For 2 Step Telescoping Boat Ladders For 2 Step Telescoping Boat Ladders For 24Step Telescoping Boat Ladders