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Marine City Stainless Steel Flush Mount Rod Holder & PVC Liner with Cap -15 Degree


Secure your rod and reel with confidence - Marine City Stainless Steel Flush Mount Rod Holder. 
This Marine City Stainless Steel Flush Mount Rod Holder & PVC Liner with Cap -15 Degree is the perfect addition to any fishing enthusiast's boat. The high quality stainless steel construction ensures maximum durability and rust-resistant performance, while the 15-degree angle allows for easier access when retrieving rods. It also features a soft PVC liner which provides additional protection against wear and tear from frequent use as well as an easy-to-use cap for quick installation and removal. With its sleek design, this rod holder is both attractive and practical – perfect for your next fishing trip! 

  • Easy to install.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless-steel finish.
  • Securely holds rods when not in use.
  • High quality sturdy construction.
  • Coastal grade PVC liner included.
  • Built-in lock system.

• Dimension: Stainless Color, 15° Flange, 9" Length, 15/8” Liner I.D.
• Flange Angle = 15 Degrees, PVC Liner.
• Stainless Steel, Finish Flange Face and Flange Edge Polished.
• High-quality, heavy-duty unit with solid cast frames for superior corrosion resistance and durability.
• These heavy-duty rod holders are available in 15-degree, 30-degree, and 90-degree flange angles to allow proper mounting on the gunnel of your boat for the best rod angle.

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