Marine City Stainless Steel 10 Hp Outboard Motor Bracket-2 Stroke – Marine City Hardware

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Marine City Stainless Steel 10 Hp Outboard Motor Bracket-2 Stroke


Secure your seafaring journey with a Marine City Stainless Steel 10Hp Outboard Motor Bracket-2 Stroke, the ultimate support for your outboard motor! 
The Marine City 10 HP Outboard Motor Bracket-2 Stroke is the perfect choice for your boat! This stainless steel outboard motor bracket provides superior support and stability to ensure that you can enjoy a smooth, safe ride on any body of water. Its corrosion resistant material ensures it won't rust or corrode over time, making it an ideal solution for marine environments. Plus its sleek design makes installation quick and painless. With this high quality outboard motor bracket, you can rest assured that your vessel will stay safely afloat during all your adventures on the open sea! 

  • This durable and reliable product is meant specifically for most 2-stroke engines that are under 10hp,


  • Entirety is made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Base is made of plastic.
  • Motors up to 10 HP or max weight 82 lbs., Mounting Size 4-7/16” × 5-11/16”, Broad Size: 8-1/4” × 10-3/8”.
  • Ideal for sailboats, powerboats, locks and holds motor up or down in two vertical running positions.
  • Please Note: Do not use 14" travel with 4 stroke engine, Use safety cable.

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