Marine City Stainless-Steel Hatch Spring Adjuster with U-Bolt and L-Shape Plate 8-1/4” or 10-1/4” (Length: 8-1/4")

  • To open position the spring coil becomes a rigid support. To close, apply side pressure to the middle of the spring coil and the support will collapse to a closed position.
  • Made of 304-grade Stainless Steel, Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ideal for harsh environments such as yachts and boats.
  • Ideal for the lighter door, lighter cabinet doors, window, lighter hatches, table leaves, ice box lids, bait well, fore hatch and a wide variety of uses.
  • We sell 2 different sizes. A: Diameter: 7/16inch/ 11.0mm, Length: 8-1/4inch/ 210.0mm; B: Diameter: 9/16inch/ 14.5mm, Length: 10-1/4inch/ 260mm.
  • Not recommended for applications where hatch will scoop wind while boat is under way and over-extend spring.