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Marine City13-1/2 inch Marine Grade Aluminum Fabricated Sports Steering Wheel with Aluminum Knob


Take the helm with style in Marine City! 
Driving your boat can be a blast, but having the right steering wheel makes all the difference. The Marine City 13-1/2 inch Marine Grade Aluminum Fabricated Sports Steering Wheel with Aluminum Knob is the perfect way to take control of your watercraft. Featuring an aluminum knob and handcrafted from marine grade aluminum for superior strength and performance, this steering wheel will help you enjoy even more time out on the open seas. With its dynamic design and luxurious finish, it's certain to make any boat feel like home! So grab one today and get ready to start enjoying every minute spent out on the waves! 

  • Constructed from 131/2 inch Marine Grade Aluminum for increased durability and longevity
  • Ergonomically designed with an Aluminum Knob for comfortable gripping when maneuvering the boat
  • Brightly polished finish adds a sleek style statement to your vehicle’s interior


• Marine City Matte Anodizing Aluminum Fabricated Sports Steering Wheel 13-1/2" diameter, 120° 3 spoke steering wheels ,Fits 6 bolt pattern.
• Can be used on any standard steering gear with a 3/4” tapered shaft. for Marine Yacht.
• Aluminum fabricated and welded spokes at the rim. Standard 3/4" taper. Die cast aluminum hub included.

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